ByeleX launches Europe’s first equity-based ICO

ICO 2.0: company shares on the Ethereum Blockchain

Oud Gastel, 29 March 2018 – Today software corporation ByeleX launches Europe’s first ICO (Initial Coin Offering), granting investors the same rights and legal protection as a regular IPO. ByeleX’s ICO 2.0 is unique in that sense that it provides investors with real shares in the company – and thus real value – for their money. Moreover, the ICO 2.0 meets all legal and financial requirements in the Netherlands. This ICO 2.0 launch, where the company shares are based on a cryptographic Token, lowers the investment threshold and heralds a new era of corporate finance.

The shares of ByeleX are sold as cryptographic tokens – so-called BYESHARES – via the Ethereum Blockchain. BYESHARES grant shareholders the same rights as with a conventional share transaction. Shareholders have meeting-, voting- and dividend rights and own a legal share of company.

Cheap and fast stock transaction       
A share transaction via cryptographic tokens on a Blockchain is many times cheaper and faster than regular trading of medium-sized company shares and opens up investment possibilities for a broad (international) audience. With this technology ByeleX wants to enable other medium-sized companies to find alternative ways of financing innovation and growth.

ICO 2.0 financing   
With the capital raised by the Byeshares ICO 2.0, ByeleX wants to finance the growth of its organization, strengthen the cooperation with customers in the field of Research & Development and develop new propositions.

Herman Vissia, CEO ByeleX: “We are proud to be the first company in Europe enabling this innovation in equity transactions. This approach grants easy and safe stock ownership not only to business investors, but to private investors as well. The innovative investment method also opens up a new realm of possibilities for entrepreneurs to collaborate and distinguish themselves.”

Benjamin Niemeijer, lawyer at La Gro Advocaten: “The introduction of ICO 2.0 is cutting edge. Trading real value via a Blockchain will upend international financial markets, creating enormous opportunities for companies and investors. And all of this within the confines of the Dutch law.”

About ByeleX – The Next Innovation Company
ByeleX (1994) is a business software corporation with headquarters in Oud Gastel and offices at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven and Science Park Minsk (Belarus). Throughout the last decade, ByeleX has grown into a household name for innovative software solutions, serving over 300 clients ranging from banks to international corporations and from universities to healthcare organizations. Top experts and scientists from Minsk pursue state-of-the-art developments based on continuous scientific exploration, new software technologies and proven cases. As an R&D partner, ByeleX develops and builds solutions in such fields as location awareness, cloud technology, artificial intelligence and cryptography.