ByeleX launches Europe’s first equity-based ICO

ICO 2.0: company shares on the Ethereum Blockchain

Oud Gastel, 29 March 2018 – Today software corporation ByeleX launches Europe’s first ICO (Initial Coin Offering), granting investors the same rights and legal protection as a regular IPO. ByeleX’s ICO 2.0 is unique in that sense that it provides investors with real shares in the company – and thus real value – for their money. Moreover, the ICO 2.0 meets all legal and financial requirements in the Netherlands. This ICO 2.0 launch, where the company shares are based on a cryptographic Token, lowers the investment threshold and heralds a new era of corporate finance.

Aandelen als cryptomunt

Softwareontwikkelaar Byelex biedt die mogelijkheid met cryptografische tokens, een aanpak die afwijkt van de trend in crowdfunding die normaal alleen…