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This is the way to buy your BYESHARES!


  1. Click the “Get your BYESHARES” button and you will be transferred to the purchase page.
  2. On the purchase page you need to enter the number of shares you would like to purchase and your credentials. It is recommended that you complete them all so we can do a proper trace-back in case of problems.
  3. If you are a Metamask member, the Ethereum address is going to be filled in automatically and you can go straight to step 6. If you want you can sign up for Metamask via
  4. If you have another Ethereum address you can enter it here (make sure that you do this correctly). If you do not have an address go to step 6.
  5. If you do not have an Ethereum address, just click the “I don’t have it yet” button and get your unique code. This code must be stored carefully as this is your claim reference which you will need to associate your purchase with your Ethereum address;
  6. Read the Terms and Conditions and agree with them by selecting the checkbox and click continue.
  7. In the last step you need to choose how to pay by using CoinGate (Bitcoin/Ethereum), iDEAL or via a bank transfer.
  8. When the payment is done and received, the tokens will be sent to the specified Ethereum address. In case you did not fill in the Ethereum address you can claim your BYESHARES with the unique purchase code you have received after the payment is done. We can also put the tokens on a paper wallet and send it to your home address. This paper wallet can be imported into Metamask, enabling you to participate in voting, peer-to-peer transfer of your shares and claiming dividends.
  9. As soon as the tokens are in your wallet you have become an official shareholder of ByeleX, the Next Innovation company. Congratulations!
  10. You will receive regular updates about the periodical shareholder’s meetings and all other important announcements.
  11. As soon as the tokens are listed on one or more exchanges you will be entitled to trade your tokens.