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Who are we?

Since 1994 ByeleX staff in offices at Science Park Minsk and High Tech Campus Eindhoven consists of world leading subject matter experts, academics, and technologists to provide practical, thorough, and insightful technologies that can be applied in a variety of industries across the globe.

The research performed by ByeleX over the last 10 years covers three major technology areas with various important subgroups. ByeleX research provides cutting edge expertise at the intersection of business processes, and innovative technological solutions.

The technologies developed address relevant issues for financial services, regulators, banks (regional and global), financial market intermediaries, airports, occupational health organizations, telecom companies, universities, production companies, transportation services, and many other firms across the world.


Byelex founded
R&D core technologies
June, 2017
Research legally binding crypto tokens to stocks
December, 2017
Pre-ICO token sale
Q1, 2018
ICO public token sale
Q2, 2018
Tokens tradeable on exchange(s) / Expand Sales & Marketing

Stock issuance & token distribution

Token name: BYX

0.13 EUR
Platform: Ethereum
ICO discount: 15%
Pre-ICO discount: 30%
Minimum pre-ICO investment: 2500 EUR
ICO date: ~Q1 2018
Total issued capital stock
Total authorised capital stock
Max dilution per annum

Your share of the future

Key Technologies

ByeleX has almost 25 year history of developing technologies, methodologies, and solutions in various fields like Artificial Intelligence, Data Logistics, Planning Algorithms, Encryption based technologies like Attribute Based Encryption and Blockchain, Natural Language Processing, and mobile access and authentication systems. All of the technologies that are covered by the teams of ByeleX, are innovative, unique, and based on these technologies, it is possible to create solutions for a very wide spectrum of economic activities.

Customers using our technologies are:

  • IKEA
  • Blokker
  • Bart Smit
  • De Persgroep
  • Cisco

From this category two spin-offs have been realized:

  • Event Touch
  • Picopoint

Within this category we can determine various sub-categories like Decision Support Systems, Natural Language Processing technologies, Deep Learning, Supervised Learning and Pattern Recognition.

Typical customers using these technologies are:

  • North Scotland Water
  • ArboNed
  • Leo Kanner Institute
  • Heineken
  • De Persgroep

Products developed within this category are:

  • BuzzCovery
  • Publizz
  • EQS
  • Logo Detection

The essence of this technology category is the security of data. Whether it is endpoint encryption on mobile devices, the use of Blockchain technology to ensure a trusted transaction, or the implementation of extremely secure Wi-Fi networks. ByeleX has the expertise and has developed proven products in these categories.

Typical customers are:

  • Lagro Advocaten
  • Noris Networks
  • Mazars
  • Ziggo
  • High-tech Campus Eindhoven

Products and customers within this category are:

  • TLS Wi-Fi at Picopoint
  • Attribute Based Encryption in Storgrid
  • Secure transactions on the Bitcoin ATM’s operated by ByeleX


ByeleX works with leading subject matter experts, academics and technologists to provide practical, thorough and insightful technologies that can be applied in a variety of industries across the globe.

The research performed by ByeleX over the last 10 years contains over three major technology groups, and 10 subgroups. The technologies developed addresses issues of relevance from financial services, regulators, banks (regional and global), financial market intermediaries, airports, occupational health organizations, data centers, universities, production companies, transportation services, and many other firms across the world.

Your share of the future

our team

Herman Vissia
Founder & CEO

Herman Vissia works with the various departments and scientists from the Belarusian State University Minsk (BSU), and is a member of the High-tech Park in Minsk. In 2012, Vissia became the first westerner completing his Ph.D. thesis at the BSU named, ‘Models, Algorithms and the technology for decision making intellectualization based on subject collections’. Vissia is pioneering technology for the Semantic Web, is performing research in the field of cryptography, and gives lectures on cryptocurrencies and Blockchain technology.

Edwin van der Hooft

Edwin has been working for ByeleX almost 18 years now. He started out as a Quality Consultant, taking on the EQS product. In this capacity he successfully implemented large scale Quality Documentation systems for a variety of Multinationals. He managed numerous software projects, and since 2010 manages the full operation at ByeleX. He became a shareholder at ByeleX in 2008.

Toshio Spoor

Toshio joined ByeleX as early as 1999. He is passionate about security, Linux, and complex networks. He managed large-scale software development projects, from building, to deployment, and to maintenance. He is the security expert when it comes to networks, hosting, and cloud environments. Toshio became a shareholder at ByeleX in 2013.

Anton Zalesky
CEO, ByeleX Minsk

Anton joined ByeleX as early as 1997. He is an extremely good communicator and a people’s manager, as well as one of the most talented programmers you can find. Anton is an inspirer and mentor for our young developers, and the ByeleX partnership in Minsk. He has run the Minsk branch as CEO since 2015.

Sergey Gafurov
CTO, ByeleX Minsk

Sergei joined ByeleX in 1998. He is one of the most all-round specialists we have in ByeleX, and is the technical know-it-all/ask-to-be-sure for most of the developers and project consultants. He is an expert in Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, and programming technology in general. He is the CTO at ByeleX Minsk since 2015.


X has a history of business development with various financial institutions. His latest position was the Business Development Manager at X, a large online payment provider in The Netherlands. He will join ByeleX in January 2018 to take the lead in setting up the commercial organization.

our advisors

Piet Knobel
Financial advisor

Piet has more than 25 years of experience in the accountancy world. He served and is serving numerous medium and large organizations in the field of accountancy, business development and company valuation. Piet is the trusted advisor for ByeleX for almost 20 years, so he knows the company and its management very well, and was therefore able to precisely assess the financial paragraphs in this whitepaper.

mr. E.P.B. ten Brinke
Legal advisor

Eric is an all-round notary with more than 14 years of experience in all areas of modern Notary business in the Netherlands. He graduated Cum Laude from Nijmegen University in Dutch Law.

Roel Wolfert
Qoin, CEO and founder

Roel Wolfert is a senior executive in the FinTech world, with positions at Qoin, VGRIP and Bancor. He has more than 20 years of global experience in the world of finance and payments having worked on key industry initiatives including SEPA, CLS, Contactless. Roel has an MA in Economics from Maastricht University, and an Executive degree in Innovation from the Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley.

Colin de Jong
Asia Ambassador

Is a multi-talented businessman, experienced freelance writer for several Dutch blogs, including 12 year the columnist of the Holland Page in the Pattaya People and celebrity entertainer. Colin lived in several countries and was successful in Real Estate and financial transactions in America, Spain, Holland and Thailand. Colin is the Charity Chairman from the Pattaya Expat Club, and received a Sir title from “the Knights of Rizal” for his Social projects. Colin studied law, economy and has a degree in Science, and is the Asia ambassador for ByeleX.


High Tech Campus 32, 5656 AE Eindhoven

Visit us at Room 3.304